MIRRORS by Imani Tsunami (@imanitsunami)

Up until recently, I felt I existed in this odd game of smoke and mirrors.

Becoming this new person I didn’t know, while also being scared of... or maybe unsure… of how to leave my old self behind.

Sometimes, unsure I knew myself at all.


There were parts of myself I feared.

Anytime I got near them, these dark feelings that came with this immense pressure came over me.

Because I wasn’t sure who they would make me.

Or what they would make me.

Or how they would change me. 


Parts of myself I feared, because I knew they sought to change me.

To grow me and stretch me.


Afraid because they’d gone untouched for so long.

Because I forgot myself for so long.

I wondered…”If I reveal them, what will I see?”


So instead, I mastered a facade.

One where I lived with two faces.

Afraid of the one that had become overgrown and unruly.

Afraid that one, may be incapable of loving.

I learned to move through life.

Only showing the one that had proved itself worthy of love.


Until I realized.

It was love I was afraid of….


Everyday I am becoming a new version of myself.

Everyday I am unsure of what that will look like.

Now I can remember myself.

Now I remember I am love.

Now I don’t have to be afraid of love.

Now is all we have.