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3 - 30mm hand carved charms. These crystals have been united together for their powerful abilities to aid in reconstruction of the mind. By releasing negativity, enhancing self-awareness and boosting positivity, these will definitely help get your mind right. Natural crystals may differ slightly in color/pattern. 

GEMS included: 

Ruby Zoisite x Awakens spirituality and increases psychic protection. Aids in increasing happiness and boosts passion in relationships. The Ruby Zoisite is great for managing stress and anxiety.

Sodalite x Enhances mindfulness while reducing negativity. The sodalite stone increases self-awareness and powers of intuition, providing deep insight.

Snowflake Obsidian x Activates root and third eye chakra, working to ground body, mind and aura. Purify and strengthen your mind while ridding bad habits.

✧ Comes with a GEMS crystal bag for protection and everyday wear.