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3 - 30mm hand carved charms. These crystals have been united together for their strong reparative powers. With this set you will be aided on a journey of self-growth in terms of mindset, creativity and change. These are natural crystals andmay differ slightly in color/pattern. 

GEMS included: 

Snowflake Obsidian x Activates root and third eye chakra, working to ground body, mind and aura. Purify and strengthen your mind while ridding bad habits.

Red Mahogany Obsidian x Stimulates sexuality, passion, growth and creativity. Puts thoughts into action and aids in personal growth. 

Dalmation Jasper x  Promotes serene energy and balance. Encourages positivity and brings good luck. A nurturing stone. 

✧ Comes with a GEMS crystal bag for protection and everyday wear.